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best Forex pair for beginners - doaausef3li - 02-15-2019

Which is the best Forex pair for beginners

Actually, there are no standard rules regarding forex pairs for beginners. Selection of this pair depends on the strategy and characteristics of each trader itself. Therefore, choosing a forex pair for suitable beginners must be based on personal observation.

The usual forex pair recommendations for beginners are EUR / USD and USD / JPY for major pairs, and EUR / GBP for pair cross. But according to, other major pairs such as USD / CAD, AUD / USD, NZD / USD, and USD / CHF can also be used by beginners. The pair tends to be easier to analyze, because it can show a more predictable trend, and its characteristics do not save too many surprises.افضل شركات فوركس
Conversely, there are pairs that are not recommended for beginners, namely EUR / JPY, GBP / JPY, EUR / AUD, GBP / AUD, GBP / NZD, GBP / CHF, and USD / RUB. The pairs have wide spreads with high volatility and low liquidity. The movement in EUR / AUD for example, can reach 200-400 points and the price can fluctuate significantly. Plus, the trend can last a long time, even though the spread is bigger. Beginners who do not yet have the power of a qualified fund can quickly stop Stop Loss.
Tips for تداول في الفوركس Choosing a Forex Pair for Beginners
    Pay attention to the characteristics of each forex pair, especially volatility, spread size, and estimated price movements. If you have found a forex pair for a suitable beginner, don't forget to diligently update fundamental news and release economic data from countries related to your chosen currency. This is so that you do not experience shock if suddenly there is an unusual price movement.
    Do not open positions in more than 2-3 forex pairs at once. It would be better to understand the characteristics of forex pairs for beginners one by one, rather than forcing yourself to open positions in various forex pairs. Besides being able to endanger trading capital, opening too many positions in various pairs will make it difficult for you to monitor their movements.

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