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Forex deals and important news
Forex deals before important news

Traders know that economic news is one of the main drivers of the Forex market. The important thing is that the direction for these changes is not already known. So a trader is well aware that the upcoming economic news - for example, the release or non-publication of new interest rates - will affect the market.

Another important point about the release of economic news is that market volatility is also affected by rising buying and selling requests. These changes usually lead to two-way behaviors before the emergence of the new trend.

All of these reasons indicate that opening a position before the publication of important news can affect the success of a trader.

Forex deals after important news
افضل موقع توصيات
The moves that are seen before the release of important news on the market will continue to be after the news release. However, movements may be more intense after news releases. If you are looking for quick ways to make a profit on the Forex market, it's a logical one to use these momentous moves. But if you do this without sufficient program and knowledge, you will suffer a lot.
توصيات التداول
Daily traders need to wait for fluctuations and stabilize the trend after the release of important news. As such, you will no longer be concerned about liquidity problems in daily transactions; risk management is simpler and you can use more consistent pricing trends.

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